What we do

Bridgewater Environmental Services is your one-stop-shop for innovative and alternative on-site wastewater treatment systems (I/A OWTS) in Suffolk County. We offer the following services, all while assuring you pay as little as possible out of pocket for your septic and cesspool replacement project.

  • Grant and Rebate Applications through State, County and East End Town funding
  • Design of I/A OWTS
  • Project Management
  • Soil Percolation Testing
  • Tidal & Fresh Water Wetland Permitting
  • Suffolk County Department of Health Services (SCDHS) Permit Expediting 
  • Emergency Septic Replacement


For Property Owners

Bridgewater Environmental Services will identify all available rebates and grants for your sanitary improvement project, and automate the application process to assure the quickest possible approval. Once approved, Bridgewater will then guide you through the next steps of finding a system designer and installer, all while managing and expediting the necessary process. We will be your single point of contact throughout installation and final system approval.

For Designers, Installers, & Contractors

Bridgewater Environmental Services provides expediting, government and homeowner relations, and business origination services for our preferred partner network. We partner with architects, engineers, surveyors, soil testers, per testers, system providers, and installers to let you better focus on your core business and adding value in the chain of system installation while we become your single point of contact for all your needs. We take care of the red tape so you don’t have to!

How it works

Need to upgrade your sanitary system? Before you spend a dime, fill out this homeowner questionnaire. Bridgewater Environmental Services will identify all available grants and rebates for your project, and begin the application process. At this point we will collect a deposit from you. Upon successfully securing your grants and rebates, you have the choice of continuing working with Bridgewater to pick the right innovative and advanced on-site wastewater treatment system for your property through our network of preferred system designers and installers, or continue the process on your own.

When you decide to continue the process with Bridgewater’s preferred network of installers, we will become your single point of contact through project completion, and we will be there to answer any questions along the way. Working directly with our system designers and installers, we will assure your project is completed as quickly as possible, and that you receive the largest grants and rebates allowed by law. In many circumstances, you will incur NO COST to replace your system, all while increasing your home value and helping to do your part to protect our precious waterways. Contact us today to get started!

Qualify for up-to $40,000 in Grants & Rebates!

Available funding for I/A OWTS Installation

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Schedule a time for free consultation with one of our specialists to discuss your I/A OWTS project and how we can help at no cost or obligation.

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Highly Qualified Team

The Bridgewater Environmental Services team is uniquely qualified to manage your sanitary improvement project. Our team brings decades of experience in environmental compliance, tech and automation, environmental land use, septic, grant & rebate handling, and installation to make sure your project is a success. Whether because of mandates, system failure, or environmental altruism, upgrading your sanitary system is the single largest positive environmental impact you can have on Long Island’s waterways.

Let us be your bridge to clean water!


Sean O'Neill


10+ years experience in Environmental Compliance/Natural Resource Management. Master’s in Environmental and Natural Resource Economics. Lifetime clean water advocate and active member of the international Waterkeeper Alliance movement.

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